The Salt Nic game has taken the Vape Industry by storm, so we thought it was time to strike back with Assavlt Line! Inspired by classic video games, retro-futuristic vibes and all around madness! You will be transported to a trip down memory lane or forward in time!

Available in 24mg, 36mg, 48mg


Everyone has a favorite villain; give into the dark side with this flavour. The crimson concoction of red apples and strawberries will have your foes at the mercy of your power!

Using stealth as your tactic, you have caught the enemy by surprise. It's showtime... Prior to making contact, this covert combination of watermelon and melons will have you ready at the start! They won't stand a chance!

Akin to picking up a Super Star in Mario, this flavour will have you feeling invincible. With an electrifying fusion of espresso beans, chocolate, and hazelnuts, you will be going at the speed of light in no time!

Like a carpet bomb of fruits, this flavour utilizes a myriad of different elements you wouldn't see coming! This exotic mix of dragonfruits, acai, and berries will take you to the skies!

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. A very accurate description of this flavour. From vanilla beans to vanilla custard, this variation of vanillas yields and incredibly sweet, yet, crushing finish.